Thursday, July 26, 2007


Kesh.. I love Vin's cd! I put it on the computer at work and we leave it on repeat. sets a calm mood at the office, very refreshing.

Speaking of refreshed. Today is good, I love those mornings when I'm the first to the office coffee in hand and have a few minutes before anyone else arrives to just relax. Check my email and check the office phone messages, just starts my day off on the right foot. I used to get to work at least 15-20 minutes earlier and sit in my car reading my bible before work. I need to do that again. I'm thankful for the weather today too. Overcast but a nice change. I normally don't like gross overcast weather but I'm just in the mood today! Maybe because I'm a little tired who knows.

James and I are praying about taking over the Mid-High Wednesday night Bible study and being leaders.. which is a huge thing. The hard part for me is searching my heart and listening to God to see if it's something He wants for James and I right now. I would love to jump right in and say 'yes of course!' but I don't want to be just another 'warm body' if we do this, we're in it. I'm nervous though, would we be stronger leaders if we were married? is it too much to take on while James is still in school??

My life feels a bit like it's in limbo right now. So in love with James and longing to be married!! seeing most my friends engaged, married, or married with children sometimes it's hard not to get jealous. I must remind myself of God's goodness for my life, and how he takes care of me even in times I don't notice or realize it was His hand. I truly KNOW that when the time is right God WILL provide funds, time, everything for us to move to that new and exciting phase in our lives. and oh what a party when He provides!! :)

Thank you Jesus


Kesh kesh bo besh said...

I Love love love your blog! You are a great blogger. You will LOVE reading this a couple years down the road :-)

Vin Thomas said...

Sweet blog!

I am glad you like the CD.


Jess said...

I didn't know that you started a blog! How fun, welcome to the family!

chad said...

I am glad you two are considering this decision prayerfully. God will be honored in whatever decision you make.