Friday, August 17, 2007


Family is so very important. And I love my family so so much!! I'm excited to be going home again this weekend while James goes to Tacoma for UTA (Air Force Reserve Weekend) lots of stuff has been going on at home.. some of it really fun and good some of it challenging. but that is what's so important about family.

My dad always says "when the dust settles and smoke's your family that'll be there" and I've found this to be so true. I'm blessed with a strong and very close family, a brother I get a long with like a friend and two parents who I love so much. I know I don't always make it home as often as I'd like and definitely not as often as my parents would like.. but I do what I can. I'm looking forward to hanging out with my dad this weekend. we always get up early in the morning and go get coffee together and then go for a drive around town, or to the beach every time it's an adventure ride.. I get in the truck and he just drives. He's always got a story to tell or a memory, or word of advice. I love it.

I'm excited my brother's still at home for the summer right now too! One of the things I've found to be the hardest about going off to college and "growing up" is that I don't see or really talk to my brother much. We've always been close, my parents raised us to be. We've never hit each other and have hardly said harsh words and I wouldn't have it any other way!! He's my taller then me little brother and I love him. He's such a cool and funny person, way smarter than me!!! Some girl's gonna be lucky someday (if she makes it past my mom and I that is) j/k

I love my mom too.. she's always got some project she's working on. She loves to paint and decorate and make our house beautiful. She loves to garden too, I hope I grow to enjoy it as much as she does because flowers and landscape really make homes look so nice! I love that she's content to stay at home sometimes too. She's taught me to enjoy simple pleasures. for instance her idea of the perfect summer day would be get up early and relax or tidy up the house. maybe go outside and garden for awhile or paint until noon. come inside make lunch and sit down for an episode of one of her all time favorite shows "Perry Mason" .. we call it Perry Mason Jar. I love it :)


So I bought a new really expensive camera the other day.. it's a Nikon D40X I love it!! James and I have been taking it everywhere and taking pictures. the park, we found a waterfall and we've even taken star pictures in the dark!! I love photography and am super excited to have an excuse to get back into it. I'd post pics on here in these messages but I have no clue how.

Hopefully it'll be charged so I can take it with me this weekend and get awesome beach and tillamook pictures. I want to take good enough ones to blow up and get printed to decorate with :) how fun!! can't wait.


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