Friday, August 3, 2007


Today is a good day! Happy Friday to all :)

I've decided August in Salem kinda already feels like fall! At least today, and probably because for the last four years I've gone back to school in August. Still Governor's Cup Vanilla Chai anyone?? *yum*

I love all the seasons for their uniqueness, but I feel like fall is definitely the coziest of them all... fires, crunchy leaves, warm drinks and cozy sweaters.. yes please! :)

I'm setting a goal to do more crafty things... scrapbook is a biggie on the list but I'd also like to make some fun pillows! No need to buy $50 pillows!! fabric and thread is so much cheaper and gives me a greater sense of accomplishment.

Looks like today is going to be a day of el rand-o-moondo

I had a complete anxiety freak out attack last night.. the last time I had one was when I almost drown, and I didn't really even see this last one coming it just sorta happened... dang spiders!! ahhh! So I was helping James organize his sweetness walk in closet when all of a sudden a GIANT black spider scurried out from under a pile of clothes!!!!!!!! I literally just froze.. in this wierd paralyzed sorta state.. couldn't run or move really.. def. wasn't going to try and catch/kill it.. palms started getting sweaty the whole thing.. so there I am in his closet (he's downstairs but his dad's watching tv) so I yell "Dave.. could you come get this?" he doesn't here me.. ahh! so I get up the courage and jump over this spawn of satan.. and go get him to come kill it! well he walks in there, steps on it with his bare "socked" feet.. ewwwww... and then reaches down, pulls it off his foot and goes "oh.. a little black widow" so nonchalant!!! and then proceeds to just walk it over and flush it.. well I went downstairs to tell James I'd almost been killed by a black widow.. have joking but sorta shookin up b/c I'd never seen one before! and him and his dad get to talking about spiders.. so I leave the room and just say " I can't hear this right now or I'm going to cry" well I left.. but I still cried.. I walked outta the room and almost hyperventilated!.. not fun.. James came out and gave me a big hug and sorta "talked me down from the ledge" and everything's fine now.. but wow.. what a saga.

*Sarah Out

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Kesh kesh bo besh said...

I understand! You should see me around just a moth, or a tiny ant! I have zero tolerance for those disgusting creatures let alone a BLACK WIDOW!?